11 Oct

Getting to Know More about 248

Getting to Know More about 248

248 is a network of Jewish communities that stretches across the globe. The network is all about supporting both Jewish and Israeli communities locally and using the available network to promote the adaptation and replication of ideas and practices that are innovative on a global scale.

248 is a network that targets both native Israelis as well as overseas Jewish individuals, all of who are interested in establishing a community, issues concerning Jewish, and the Jewish collective power in general. The network serves as a middle point that connects everyone https://multibet88.cc across the globe as well as helps accommodate information sharing.

Jewish people in North America and Israelis are growing further apart steadily. Within the confine of North American territory, Israel is nearly synonymous with controversy instead of being a source of pride. This in turn becomes a factor in the parting of many Jewish organizations and communities.

Israelis, on the other hand, fail to recognize the fact that traditional values and identities of American Jewish are fading away quite rapidly. This erosion of values is also characterized with loss of support in terms of financial, political, and moral. Many Israelis are also thought to have a very limited interest in issues within North American Jewish or their wellbeing.

Young American Jews are more interested in rallying around causes that are widely different from traditional views and values. The new generation has interests that are shifting away from Jewish collective to causes that are idiosyncratic or cosmopolitan. In less than a decade, civic and community leaders who are not properly exposed to the power of Jewish collective will appear in both sides of the ocean. Therefore, it takes an effort to raise awareness of new leaders of the community about opportunities and challenges both Israelis and North American Jewish may face.