28 Sep

Discovering a Few More Things about 248

248 is a Jewish community network that connects people within the communities across the globe. The network’s main focus is to help young Jewish realize threats and challenges that they may face these days. It has been observed by the network that the young generation Jewish has interests in areas that are completely different from traditional values. This shifting in interest needs to be addressed so as to educate members of communities and their leaders on how to embrace the power of Jewish collective and returning Israel as a source of pride for many Jewish individuals all across the globe.

The network targets both overseas Jewish people and native Israelis (volunteers and professionals) within an age range of 29-34 years old. The targeted individuals should have what it takes to be the next generation of civic leaders for their respective communities. Members and participants are expected to have an open mind, experience in development of social initiatives, as well as a community orientation. The network seeks to educate today’s Jewish people on opportunities to seize and challenges to overcome. It also aims at accommodating the manifestation of all participants’ experience and knowledge into action in terms of Jewish collective and social entrepreneurship.

Discovering a Few More Things about 248248 plans on raising a network of new community leaders and Jewish individuals who have a strong mutual responsibility sense and are capable of committing to collaborative efforts in creating a thriving future. The network has several programs. It seeks to explore issues that the Jewish people are facing today. It facilitates a hackathon in Israel, through which http://citibetqq.com members can provide their resources to develop any kind of solutions to communal challenges. The network accommodates a phase of implementation. Through this phase, participants are expected to be mentored and supported by the network to execute plans by local initiatives.