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Yesh Gvul
Israeli peace group campaigning against the occupation by backing soldiers who refuse duties of a repressive or aggressive nature.

Courage to Refuse
Reserve officers and soldiers from the "heart of the IDF" who published the Combatant's Letter in January 2002 and now number nearly 600 signers.

The Shministim
High school seniors now numbering over 300 who have announced that they "refuse to be soldiers for occupation."

Air Force Pilots
27 reserve pilots have now signed the letter declaring their refusal to take part in aerial attacks on populated Palestinian areas in the territories. Web site is available only in Hebrew; contact for more information.

New Profile
Movement for the civil-ization of Israeli society providing a wide range of support services and education to those who refuse military service.

Refusers Parents' Forum
Network of parents and family members supporting working together to support current and future high school senior conscientious objectors (Shministim)-including those in, or released, from prison.

Combatants for Peace
Formed in April 2006, this group joins together Israeli and Palestinian former-fighters to bring a refuser message to both their communities and the world, and work to end the cycle of violence plaguing their lands.